Little Drops of Bitcoin Make a Mighty Investment

Bitdroplet's Systematic Purchase Plan (SIP in Bitcoin) allows you to invest as little as $1 per day. Preserve your wealth in the long term with Bitdroplet.

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If you had invested $ every
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$42,400 total invested



Bitcoin Vs Other Investments
0% Bitcoin *
0% Equity S&P 500
0% Bonds (US)
0% Gold
* past returns do not guarantee future returns
You don’t have to buy an entire Bitcoin or Ethereum
Start small by investing as little as $1/day. Buy fractional amounts of Bitcoin or Ethereum and accumulate gradually.
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Start a SIP in Gold for stability

Gold performs well in times of turmoil. Invest in a crypto token that tracks gold’s price

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Start a SIP in Silver

Silver has given good returns historically. Now start a SIP in a crypto that tracks Silver’s price.

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Start investing in Ethereum

Bitcoin alternatives like Ethereum lets you take higher risks and gives higher returns. Diversify your portfolio now.


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Invest Periodically to Reduce Risks

Lumpsum investments in cryptocurrencies are risky. And timing the market is hard. This is exactly why you need our Systematic Purchase Plan (SPP).
Normal Bitcoin Purchase
  • Prone to bad trade decisions taken out of hype and fear of missing out
  • Timing the market is hard. Honestly, nobody can.
  • Most people panic sell when the price drops sharply.
  • Need to monitor the market regularly.
Bitdroplet SPP (SIP in Bitcoin)
  • Automated investment plan eliminates the risk of temperamental decision-making.
  • Timing the market is not needed because you are saving for long term.
  • Lesser chances of your investment going negative.
  • Forget about the market. Invest and relax.

How SPP Works

  • Set the amount you want to invest in Bitcoin every month (or day, week)
  • Deposit INR in your wallet using UPI. That’s it. Your money will be automatically invested into Bitcoin every month.
  • Once your wallet is close to empty, deposit more money to continue investing
  • Sell Bitcoin and redeem from your wallet directly to your bank account
Equity (S&P 500) vs Bitdroplet
Mutual Funds
  • ~1.5%

    Expense ratio

    Applied forever, regardless of whether you redeem or not

  • 1%

    Exit load applicable for redemptions within 1 year

  • Subject to market fluctuations. Lower risk compared to Bitcoin.
  • 0%

    for monthly investment in NIFTY 50 for last 5 years, as of today.

bitcoin Bitdroplet
  • 0.25%

    Trade fee

    Applied only at the time of each purchase and redemption

  • 0%

    No extra charge for redemptions

  • Higher risk. Yields higher rewards in the long term. Invest the right amount as per your risk tolerance.
  • 0%

    for monthly investment in Bitcoin for last 5 years, as of today.

Why wait?
The early bird catches the returns. The more you delay investing, the more you lose out on returns.


for $ invested every
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$ 0 invested


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3 year SIP

1 year SIP

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down arrowWhat is Bitdroplet and SPP?
Bitdroplet is a convenient and secure platform developed and powered by Bitbns, which allows an investor to invest in cryptocurrencies through a Systematic Purchase Plan (SPP). SPP is similar to Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) in conventional stock investments, except that it has been crafted exclusively for investments in cryptocurrencies. Think of it as an SIP for cryptocurrencies.
down arrowBitbns Support SPP in Which coins?
To begin with, Bitdroplet would allow you to invest in Bitcoin or Ethereum. We will soon add more cryptocurrencies to the list.
down arrowWhat is the minimum amount I can invest through Bitdroplet?
The minimum amount one can invest via Bitdroplet is $1 USDT.
down arrowIs a Bitbns account necessary for registering on Bitdroplet?
No. You can create an account on bitdroplet directly.
down arrowIs there a fee for transferring USDT from Bitbns to Bitdroplet?
No. Transferring from Bitbns to Bitdroplet is free.
down arrowWhat is Redeem? What is the minimum value I can redeem?
Redeem option has been crafted for your convenience. In case you urgently need money, you can simply redeem minimum 15 USDT without closing your SPP. If your SPP has less than 15 USDT and you wish to redeem it, you will have to close your SPP for that particular goal.
down arrowMy Portfolio is in Negative State? What Shall I do?
NO ! Around 80% of the time where you remain invested your portfolio would remain in positive. When portfolio is negative you automatically accumulate more Bitcoins. Bitcoin over a longer period of time has always grown wrt USD or any other fiat currency.
down arrowWhat will be the fees for SPP instalment?
You will be charged 0.25% for each Instalment.
down arrowDuring Redemption. Will I get charged?
0.25% will be charged to redeem the Invested amount in Bitcoin SPP.
down arrowWhere are the cryptocurrencies (Bitcoins or Ethers) stored ?
The user funds and cryptocurrencies are stored in secure cold wallet infrastructure. Bitbns which is the entity behind bitdroplet has an impeccable reputation on security.
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