Refer and Earn

Earn little drops for referring friends. Here’s how it works.


Share Your Referral Link

Share your referral link with your friends so they can Sign Up.


You get 0.1% of investments

Whatever your friend invests, you get 0.1% in your Referral Wallet


Your buddy gets 1 USDT

...after signing up, creating a goal, and 7th installment is complete

For instance - if someone invests Rs. 10,000 in a goal every month, you get Rs. 10 from a single goal every month until your friend pauses or liquidates the goal. If your friend creates 10 such goals, you get Rs. 100 every month. Wait there’s more. If you get 10 such friends to sign up successfully on Bitdroplet, you get Rs. 1000 every month. You can, in turn, grow this money by investing in a goal on Bitdroplet


Referral money earned


Referred Users

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  • Referral is valid when he sets up a goal and does his first investment.
  • You will keep getting the reward as long as your friend pays instalments for the goal. If your friend discontinues the goal, your regular reward will also be discontinued.
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