Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Bitdroplet and SPP?

    Bitdroplet is a convenient and secure platform developed and powered by Bitbns, which allows an investor to invest in cryptocurrencies through a Systematic Purchase Plan (SPP). SPP is similar to Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) in conventional stock investments, except that it has been crafted exclusively for investments in cryptocurrencies. Think of it as an SIP for cryptocurrencies.

  2. Bitdroplet Support SPP in Which coins?

    To begin with, Bitdroplet would allow you to invest only in Bitcoin. We will soon add more cryptocurrencies to the list.

  3. What is the minimum amount I can invest through Bitdroplet?

    The minimum amount one can invest via Bitdroplet is $1 USDT.

  4. Is a Bitbns account necessary for registering on Bitdroplet?

    No. You can create an account on bitdroplet directly.

  5. How can I deposit money for investing via Bitdroplet?

    Depositing money for Bitdroplet is easy. Just go to 'Wallet' and click 'Deposit Money'. Essentially, Bitdroplet wallet can store your investment only in the form of USDT. Minimum transfer from Bitbns to Bitdroplet Wallet should be 0.01 USDT.

    1. Step 1: Deposit USDT:

      Upon clicking 'Deposit Money', you would have three ways to deposit money to your Bitdroplet wallet. You can use any one of the three ways explained below.

      1. Buy USDT with FIAT

        Use this method if you do not have USDT funds. In this method, you will have to first buy USDT on Bitbns and then transfer it to your Bitdroplet wallet. This is how it works:

        1. Go to Wallets > Choose P2P USDT Transfer.
        2. You will then be taken to your Bitbns account. Users in countries other than India can use only USDT P2P transfer if they want to purchase USDT with their FIAT currency.
        3. Next, enter the amount of USDT you want to deposit.
        4. Click 'Next' to proceed to peer-matching window.
        5. Click ‘Send Amount’ and transfer the deposit amount to the peer using their bank account details.
        6. Enter the Transaction Reference Number and click ‘Done’.
        7. Once you have USDT in your Bitbns wallet, go back to Bitdroplet and select 'Transfer from Bitbns'.
      2. Transfer from Bitbns

        Use this method if you already have USDT funds in your Bitbns wallet. For transferring USDT from Bitbns wallet to Bitdroplet wallet, go to 'Wallets' and select 'Transfer from Bitbns'. In case you don't have USDT but have other cryptocurrencies, you can sell them to get FIAT, with which you can buy USDT. Then, you can use 'Transfer from Bitbns' the same way.

      3. Deposit USDT

        Use this method if you have USDT funds in some other exchange. Go to 'Wallet', click 'Deposit Money' and select 'Deposit USDT'. You would then be able to see a QR code as well as your Bitdroplet wallet address. Use this address to transfer USDT from some other exchange to Bitdroplet.

    2. Wihdrawal
      1. After logging into the account, click on “Wallet”. This will take you to the account page.
      2. Account page will show the cryptocurrencies on the left of the page.
      3. You can select “withdrawal” button of the relevant cryptocurrency.
      4. You will be asked the quantity or volume you would like to withdraw and the address where you want to send the specific cryptocurrency.
  6. Is there a fee for transferring USDT from Bitbns to Bitdroplet?

    No. Transferring from Bitbns to Bitdroplet is free.

  7. How to withdraw FIAT from Bitdroplet wallet?
    1. Go to Wallets > Choose P2P USDT Transfer Also, users in countries other than India can use only USDT P2P transfer for depositing FIAT.
    2. Enter the amount you want to Withdraw. Click 'Next' to proceed to peer-matching window.
    3. Verify the Bank Account once the amount is deposited in your account and Click ‘Yes, I Received’
  8. How to create an SPP for investing in Bitcoin?
    1. Deposit USDT in Bitdroplet Wallet. (Check FAQ No. 5 for details).
    2. Go to Dashboard
    3. Click 'Start an investment in Bitcoin'.
    4. Enter the instalment amount.
    5. On 'Invest Every', choose from among 'Daily/Weekly/Monthly' to define the frequency of the instalments.
    6. On 'Invest Every', choose from among 'Daily/Weekly/Monthly' to define the frequency of the instalments.
    7. Define a Goal
    8. Click 'Confirm Goal' to start investing.
  9. What is a Goal on Bitdroplet?

    Goals are the monetary targets you want to achieve with the help of Bitdroplet. If your target is a car, which costs Rs. 15,00,000, add a Goal for it and define the target value of your investment. Similarly, you can create multiple goals, parallely, and invest in them simultaneously. Each goal is an SPP where you are purchasing Bitcoin systematically. Remember, the greater the goal, the greater the instalment or period of investment.

    Add Goal - SPP
  10. Can I Pause my SPP?

    Yes. You can pause or restart your SPP anytime. When your SPP is paused, no instalments would be deducted from your USDT balance.

  11. Would I be alerted if I miss an instalment?

    Yes. You can see the next instalment date on your dashboard. Refill your wallet before that date to avoid missing any more instalments.

    Add Goal - SPP
  12. What is Redeem? What is the minimum value I can redeem?

    Redeem option has been crafted for your convenience. In case you urgently need money, you can simply redeem minimum 15 USDT without closing your SPP. If your SPP has less than 15 USDT and you wish to redeem it, you will have to close your SPP for that particular goal.

  13. My investment values less than 15 USDT. Can I Redeem?

    No. If you wish to withdraw less than 15 USDT, you will have to close your SPP for that particular goal.

  14. My Portfolio is in Negative State? What Shall I do?

    Even if your portfolio is in a negative state, do not panic because Bitdroplet is more about long-term savings than short-term. Evidently, since its inception, Bitcoin has proven itself a credible long-term asset. Use the investment calculator tool on the homepage to learn about the performance of Bitcoin in the long term.

  15. What will be the fees for SPP instalment?

    You will be charged 0.25% for each Instalment.

  16. During Redemption. Will I get charged?

    0.25% will be charged to redeem the Invested amount in Bitcoin SPP.

  17. What is 'Annualized Returns'?

    An annualized total return is the geometric average amount of money earned by an investment each year over a given time period. The annualized return formula is calculated as a geometric average to show what an investor would earn over a period of time if the annual return was compounded. Note: We show annualized returns only when the 'difference in days' is more than 15

    Add Goal - SPP
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