How It Works


Bitcoin’s utility has largely been limited to asset trading due to its high volatility. With Bitdroplet SPP (Systematic Purchase Plan), we have invented a new kind of utility for Bitcoin i.e long-term investments. SPP is similar to a conventional Systematic Investment Plan (SIP), except that SPP has been crafted for investing in Bitcoin.

Bitdroplet leverages the power of Dollar Cost Averaging - an investment strategy that reduces the impact of volatility of an asset. In the case of Dollar Cost Averaging, an investor purchases an asset in multiple, fixed time intervals at different price points, instead of buying large quantities at once, thus reducing the average purchase price of the asset over a long period of time. And the longer one invests, the lesser the average purchase price of the asset.

Bitdroplet is more than just a product. It’s a whole new way of saving and building wealth, so that you can achieve your long as well as short-term monetary goals.

Here is how it works:
  1. Enter your SPP instalment that you will invest daily/weekly/monthly via Bitdroplet.
  2. Using P2P USDT Transfer, deposit USDT in your Bitbns wallet and then transfer it to your Bitdroplet wallet.
  3. Once your wallet is close to empty, deposit more USDT to keep your SPP active.
  4. One-click Redeem. Get your funds converted and deposited to your registered bank account within 7 days.
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