Bitdroplet Plugin

Earn money for displaying Bitdroplet Plugin on your website/blog

Fancy having something that makes money on its own? Well, if you own a Wordpress website or a blog, consider it done.

Install the Bitdroplet Wordpress Plugin on your website/blog and earn 0.3% commission from all instalments invested with Bitdroplet by users who reach us through you, forever.

Now that’s fancy!

Here’s how it looks likearrow


no limits

No Limits

Make as much money as you can. Like we say, there are no limits.

earn lifelong

Earn Forever

No matter how long the users invest, you will always get your share.

permanent income

Permanent Income

Even if you uninstall the plugin someday, you will still receive your share


It’s Free. Promise.

We will never charge you even a penny. At least not in a thousand years.

Set up the Plugin


Have a Wordpress blog or site?

You can directly add our Wordpress plugin to your blog. Requires a Wordpress Business plan.


Install plugin with JavaScript

Step 1: Create a container div in your html.

<div id="bitdroplet-container"></div>

Tip - you can style this container as you wish
Step 2: Copy this javascript code and paste it in your website
<script type="text/javascript"> 
(function (w, d, s, o, f, js, fjs) {
w['bitdroplet-widget'] = o;w[o] = w[o] || function () { (w[o].q = w[o].q || []).push(arguments) };
js = d.createElement(s), fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; = o; js.src = f; js.async = 1; fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs);
}(window, document, 'script', 'bw', '' +;
bw({ anchor: '#bitdroplet-container', refTag: 'BITDROPnull_WIDGET',
bgColor: 'FFFFFF', color: '574B90', textColor: '263550', medium: 'BITDROPLET', campaign: 'DEMO_WIDGET' });
Step 3: You can customize following things on the widget. (all config below are optional)
  • change the background color of the widget by changing the value of bgColor property to the hex color code only WITHOUT Hash (#) eg: FFFFFF
  • change the color of the button & input text by changing the value of color property to the hex color code only WITHOUT Hash (#) eg: 574B90
  • change the color of the text on the widget by changing the value of textColor property to the hex color code only WITHOUT Hash (#) eg: 263550
  • for tracking user visits, you can set utm_medium & utm_campaign by changing the value of medium & campaign property. Tip: medium can be set to your domain name.
    utm_source property is set same as your refTag BITDROPnull_WIDGET.


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